Lexington Elementary School
Mission Statement 

In order for students to acquire the skills and self-esteem needed to meet the challenges of our world, our mission at Lexington Elementary is to create an atmosphere in which the students become academically enriched, and socially, emotionally, and physically healthy.  This environment is continually being evaluated and improved upon by parents, teachers, students and community members working together effectively.
AR Aliens Video


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SCSD2 on Wave3

Wave 3 News ran a story on the technology use and security provided at SCSD2.  To view the written and video articles click on the In The News... link.

Food Service Guidelines Press Release
SCSD2 has created a press release to address some concerns regarding recent changes to the food services guidelines.  You can view the contents of the press release by clicking here. 
Chillers Ice Cream!
Chillers Microcreamery is offering 10% off for every A that you received on your report card.  Please click here for additional information.  
School Safety
In light of the recent events of Connecticut we would like to share some school safety information.  Please see the attached document  
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Upcoming Events
7980 E. Walnut
Lexington, Indiana 47138
(812) 752-8924

Fax (812) 889-2094

Mr. Charles M. Rose, Principal
Cyber Bully Hotline
(812) 329-0897
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