Scott County School District 2 Virtual/e­Learning Snow Day Monday, February 16, 2015

What are the dates for the 2014­2015 school year?

Scott County School District 2 will conduct an e­Learning day on Monday, February 16, 2015. There is NO plan to have another scheduled e­Learning day or an e­Learning inclement weather day this school year.

What will it look like for students?

There is a not a rigid schedule set for your student to complete his/her assignments but each student will have a series of assignments as prepared by his/her teacher(s) that will need to be completed and submitted or turned in by a date and time established by each teacher. If students have internet access, assignments and activities will be available on­line. If the students do not have internet access, the students will have the assignments and activities downloaded onto their devices for completion.

K­2 students will be bringing their devices home for the e­Learning day. Devices will also be going home on trial runs with the K­2 students prior to the e­Learning day on February 16th. Those dates will be in early February.

What will these days look like for teachers?

Teachers will work their normal working hours on Monday, February 16th. The teachers will have set virtual/digital office hours but will also be available throughout the day as well if a different time is more convenient for a student or a teacher. Teachers will also be involved in Professional Development activities throughout the day. Please note that the teacher lunch break will be from 11:00 a.m. ­ 12:00 p.m., so teachers may not be available during this hour.

Why have e­Learning days?

  • ● According to a study completed in 2011, 32% of college students take at least one online course.

  • ● Even face­to­face courses in college require work to be submitted electronically.

  • ● An article in the Indianapolis Recorder reports that employers feel that 35% of new

    hires/applicants do not have adequate computer skills.

  • ● Corporations are using e­Learning for training purposes

  • ● Most companies require online applications

  • ● Ability to provide teachers an entire day of professional development and planning with

    their colleagues

  • ● It is possible that, in the future, snow days could become eLearning days and would not

    have to be added on to the end of the school year.

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What If We Don’t Have Internet Access At Home or Wherever We Will Be That Day?

If students have internet access, assignments and activities will be available on­line. If the students do not have internet access, the students will have the assignments and activities downloaded onto their devices for completion.

How will attendance be taken?

Teachers will take attendance by recording the online participation of the students. If a student is too sick to complete the work, a parent/guardian will need to call the office. The student is still responsible for the work and will need to complete it by the class period following their return to school as outlined in the student handbook.

What if the students iPad/MacBook is not working?

Online/Over­the­Phone Tech support will be available throughout the day as well. If a student is having trouble, he/she or a parent should contact their school building to speak with tech support. In the event that the issue cannot be resolved, the student/parent should report that to their child’s classroom teacher on Monday, February 16th so that the teacher can note that and get the issue resolved as soon as possible upon the student’s return to school.

Can a student work, go on a college visit, or shadow an employer during this day?

Each student can organize their day in a manner that suits them. They will be required to complete all work before the class’s next meeting but there is no specific time requirements otherwise.

How long will each student be required to work on the device and what will they be doing?

Each teacher will be creating a lesson that follows the curriculum. Total student lessons will be around 4 hours on average. Some students may take less time to complete their work while others may take longer to complete their work.

These lessons may include videos, internet research, online quizzes/assignments, commenting on a forum, writing a paper, creating a presentation, reading a book and being part of a discussion board, completing assignments in a software program or app, or anything else the teacher deems relevant to the curriculum.

Dear SCSD2 Parents and Community Members,
Last winter, we had an unusual amount of harsh weather that caused the closing of school on multiple days. Loss of instructional time causes many challenges for our students. Last year, we used the Indiana Department of Education alternative option which allowed us to extend an hour to each day for several weeks.
This year we are excited about the State of Indiana providing the opportunity to utilize e- Learning Days for snow make up days. This option allows schools to provide learning activities at home, during days that are planned snow make up days. This option is only available to school districts who provide a mobile technology device for every student and who are approved by the Indiana Department of Education. We are happy to announce that our district has been approved, and we are in the midst of planning for this day on Monday, February 16, 2015. Our ultimate goal for the future will be to get the details worked out so that we could make snow days in general a thing of the past.
Although we know some of our students may have challenges connecting digitally, we are creating lesson plans that incorporate the same activities that can be done with or without internet. Our goal is to continue to provide rigorous, relevant, and timely lessons that will increase student academic achievement. We believe the opportunity for growth and increased achievement is far greater by implementing this option rather than adding snow makeup days on at the end of the year.
With our planned day being on a Monday (February 16th), each student will bring his or her device home on Friday, February 13th. No later than February 13th, you and your student will have the lesson plans for the day so that they will know what tasks to complete on Monday, February 16th. These lesson plans will also be available on our school websites. On Monday, February 16th, our teachers will be at their respective buildings. Teachers will have set office hours and will also be working on Professional Development during that day. If you or your student needs to speak to the teacher during the normal school day hours (outside of office hours), each administrator will work to make the teacher available to you.

After our eLearning day, we will ask you to participate in a survey for different stakeholder groups because your feedback is valuable and will help us to continue to improve as a school district.

Student Expectations:

 Students will be expected to complete work according to the direction of the teacher(s). The work will be assessed/graded.

  • Students will be expected to submit work to the teacher(s) according to the directions provided by the teacher(s).

  • Students without internet access will be expected to submit assignments upon their return to school.

  • Students (or parents/guardians/caretakers) will be expected to contact school electronically or by phone in the event of any difficulty with assigned work or device operation.

  • Students will be expected to follow all Responsible Technology Use rules during a virtual learning day.

We would appreciate your feedback as we pilot this program during the winter of 2015. 


Marc Slaton, Ed.D. Superintendent
Scott County School District 2 

Check out our Flu Season- Guide for Parents under Health Watch.

With the flu season in full swing, Indiana has become one of the highest states of the flu epidemic this year according to the CDC. I am sending out the signs/symptoms of the flu virus to everyone again so you can be aware of what to watch for. Also, attached you will find 2 documents of interest. One is on everyday flu prevention and the second is about the proper disinfecting of your classrooms to prevent the spread of viruses. I think both are excellent information to keep us healthy during the flu season.


Signs and symptoms of flu

People who have the flu often feel some or all of these signs and symptoms:

   Fever* or feeling feverish/chills


   Sore throat

   Runny or stuffy nose

   Muscle or body aches


   Fatigue (very tired)

   Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.


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Date Expires:     (mm/dd/yyyy format)

The "92 Won't Do! Crew" Presented at Scottsburg Elementary this morning on how to be active in body and mind.  The crew's desire is to help create health awareness and elevate of our county health ranking.  Students were entertained by our World Class Percussionists, led by Mr. Goodwin, and listened to interviews of high school athletes about how they stay healthy.  The Crew will be traveling to all Scott 2 elementary buildings this week and next to engage and activate health awareness.
Scottsburg Elementary School
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SCSD2 Online Payment
SCSD2 parents and guardians may make electronic textbook and meal payments.
1) Log in to your child's Harmony account. Select the Online Payment option from the left hand column. 
2) Enter your credit card information in the form that opens. The form includes your child's name at the top and also has a current lunch and textbook balance amount. You will need to enter an email address (where the payment receipt will be sent)
3) Select the Make a Payment button only once for each transaction.
Online Payment Q and A
1. When does my deposit show up in the account? 
Payments made before midnight will show up in the account on the next day. Payments made after midnight will show up on the next day. 
2. Will I be charged extra for using this system?
When you enter the amount of payment, an automatic charge of $1.00 per transaction will be added to your total. That transaction payment covers the banking cost of the transaction.
3. Can I make payments for multiple students at one time?
No. The payment system links to accounts individually. The transactions will need to occur one at a time through each student's Harmony portal.  
4. Is paying on Harmony secure?
Our Harmony website is protected with industry standard SSL data encryption. In addition, Harmony utilizes the Skipjack Transaction Network; a secure, high speed payment gateway that provides one of the strongest data encryption protocols in the industry.

Your financial information is never stored within our system. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information each time you make an online payment in harmony. We are confident that your data will be secure. 
5. How will I know that my payment went through?
You will receive a confirmation email that includes a receipt number and transaction number. After your transaction has posted (after midnight on your payment date), you will be able to look at your student's lunch balance or textbook fee balance online and see the effect of your payment. If you have any questions or issues with a payment, please email us right away at or call us at (812) 752-8949. 
6. Can I still make a payment with check or cash? 
The traditional methods of making a cash or check payment in an SCSD2 payment envelope is still in place. Students or parents can make such payments any morning in the cafeteria or any time, any day in the office. 
SCSD2 on Wave3

Wave 3 News ran a story on the technology use and security provided at SCSD2.  To view the written and video articles click on the In The News... link.

Food Service Guidelines Press Release
SCSD2 has created a press release to address some concerns regarding recent changes to the food services guidelines.  You can view the contents of the press release by clicking here. 
Chillers Ice Cream!
Chillers Microcreamery is offering 10% off for every A that you received on your report card.  Please click here for additional information.  
School Safety
In light of the recent events of Connecticut we would like to share some school safety information.  Please see the attached document  
Mission Statement
The Scottsburg Elementary Staff believes that all students can learn through a unified community effort. We will provide an atmosphere that facilitates learning in order to meet or exceed the Indiana Academic Standards and become contributing citizens in our society.
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