Former SHS Warriorette returns to SCSD2 to teach, coach

Former SHS Warriorette returns to SCSD2 to teach, coach

As far back as she can remember, Patty Clancy wanted to do two things with her life: become an elementary school teacher and a basketball coach. For the last 17 years, she has done just that, but it took her until this year to do both at her alma mater, Scott County School District 2.

“Thinking back to when I was little, I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything but an elementary teacher and a basketball coach,” Clancy said. “I’ve always loved school and playing basketball.”

Clancy’s love for basketball started early. She was in first grade when she started tagging along with her sister to go to her sister’s basketball practice, where their dad was the coach.

“My dad and uncle played basketball, so I guess it’s in my blood,” Clancy said. “...I just tagged along to her practice and immediately had a love for the game. There’s not just one thing I love about the game, it’s all aspects of the game.”

From that time forward, Clancy grew up wanting to become a basketball player.

“I grew up during the huge Warriorette era when every girl wanted to be a Warriorette and play for Donna Cheatham. I went to every camp from first-grade through high school,” Clancy said. “Donna Cheatham inspired me to be the best basketball and the best person I could be.”

Clancy focused on her basketball skills to the point that became a varsity starter all four years at Scottsburg High School. She is the second leading scorer for SHS with 1,533 points, and she earned several scoring records and rebounding records during her time at SHS.

Clancy was also part of the SHS track team, where she qualified for state three of the four years she was involved. She holds two track records in the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash.

Still, basketball was her passion. After high school, Clancy played basketball at Ball State University, where she played all four years and scored 1,029 career points.

While at Ball State, Clancy worked on her education degree, so she could be in front of the classroom.

“I’ve never wanted to be anything else. I wanted to become a teacher, so I could make learning fun. I want to teach students to be creative, take chances, and let them know that it’s okay to make a mistake. I wanted to be a teacher, so my students could have someone to admire and look up to,” Clancy said. “I wanted to become a teacher, so I could make a difference in someone’s life.”

One of Clancy’s inspirations for becoming a teacher is Beverly Gullion, Clancy’s fourth-grade teacher at SCSD2.

“She was my fourth-grade teacher, and I remember having so much fun in her class,” Clancy said. “Mrs. Gullion was very hands-on. We did a lot of interactive activities and a lot of projects. he made learning fun!”

After college, Clancy worked in Fort Wayne until she took another teaching and coaching position at Madison Consolidated Schools. Throughout her time at another school district, she still managed to find a Scottsburg connection.

“I always admired [Donna Cheatham]. I had the chance to coach with Donna Cheatham at Southwestern High School during 2000-2004 seasons. I learned so much from her, and I feel I am the coach I am today because of her,” Clancy said.

For a few years, Clancy took time off from coaching to finish her master’s degree. Then, an opportunity opened up for her to coach at Scottsburg.

“In 2008, I started coaching seventh-grade. I’ve coached seventh-grade every year since then but one year. I really enjoy coaching seventh-grade. I feel it’s really the best age to coach. There’s just so much to teach them,” Clancy said. “However, I would consider coaching high school again if I had the opportunity.”

As she was working for another school district but coaching at Scottsburg Middle School, Clancy made another connection that eventually brought her back to teach at SCSD2. Clancy began coaching Paige Barrett, who is currently on the Warriorette basketball team and a junior at SHS. Barrett is the daughter of Tiffany Barrett, who is now the principal at Vienna-Finley Elementary School.

“I coached her daughter, Paige, in seventh-grade, and that’s when Tiffany and I became friends,” Clancy said. “Over the past few years, Tiffany and I have had many discussions about me applying for a position with SCSD2 but none of the positions were ever the right ones.”

Then, the right and the perfect job became available, and VFES Principal Tiffany Barrett did not give up on asking her friend, Clancy, about applying.

“I received a phone call from Tiffany Barrett, and she informed me of a possible opening at Vienna-Finley. I have always admired Tiffany as a person and as an administrator, so I knew this would be a great opportunity for me.”

This school year with the right job and the right time, Clancy returned to teach and to coach back in Scottsburg after all these years. She joins the rest of her family at SCSD2 as her husband, Jason teaches at SHS and coaches junior varsity basketball and her son and daughter attend SCSD2 schools.

“I’m not exactly sure why the timing was finally right,” Clancy said about returning to SCSD2 to teach. “It was just the right position and the perfect opportunity for me to join SCSD2.”

Clancy’s commitment to her lifelong dreams and goals inspires others to pursue their aspirations. At Scott County School District 2, Clancy’s story is our story. Your story matters. You matter.