SES teacher exemplifies lifelong learning through reading

SES teacher exemplifies lifelong learning through reading

Wherever she goes, Amy Hubbard carries a book in her bag or her purse.

“I carry them with me because I tend to have a hard time squeezing in time to read sometimes due to my busy schedule,” Hubbard, a first-grade teacher at Scottsburg Elementary School. “I read whenever I have a spare moment or two. I will read it while waiting in the doctor’s office, while riding in a car, or while at a coffee shop.”

Sometimes the book is for her enjoyment, sometimes the book is for professional development, and sometimes the book is for her spiritual well-being.

“It is very difficult to find time to read at times. This is part of the reason why I carry a book with me. I usually have to dedicate time to reading just before bed to help calm my mind and enjoy a good story,” Hubbard said.

This dedication to reading and lifelong learning is what Hubbard tries to show to her students in the classroom.

“One thing I hope my students take from their time in my classroom is a love for learning. I want to encourage them to be lifelong learners, to explore, and take learning into their own hands,” Hubbard said. “One way I encourage lifelong learning is by showing my students that even as an educator, I am constantly learning and researching how to become a better teacher. I read books and blogs nearly every day so that I can stay on top of the latest teaching trends, ideas, and concepts.”

In her classroom, Hubbard tries to engage the students with hands-on projects, using technology, and project-based learning.

“Another thing I do to encourage lifelong learning is to teach them learning is fun! It isn’t a chore,” Hubbard said.

This encouragement for her students stems from Hubbard’s memories of when she was a student at Vienna-Finley Elementary School in Bev Judge’s first-grade classroom.

“Bev Judge always had a positive attitude and her love for learning and teaching was apparent every day. I wanted to be an educator just like she was,” Hubbard said. “She made learning fun! I couldn’t wait to come into her classroom each morning to see what new educating adventure she had for us that day. She always made her students feel special and important with the way she treated and praised us.”

From Judge’s classroom, Hubbard was further inspired to become a teacher. She graduated from Scottsburg High School in 2009 and attended Franklin College. She later transferred to Indiana University Southeast, where she earned her degree in elementary education.

Before being able to return to Scott County School District 2, Hubbard taught for two years at Grace Christian Academy of Scottsburg. She taught her first year in a split classroom, where kindergarten and first-grade students are together in one space. The second year, she taught first-grade students only.

“Teaching in a split classroom is not an easy job, but I enjoyed the challenge and made it work,” Hubbard said.

While she enjoyed the challenge, the position was not what she hoped for.

“I had always hoped to work at SCSD2 ever since I learned at an early age that I wanted to be a teacher. I am a product of SCSD2, I believe in it, and I want to be part of its excellence,” Hubbard said.

When a position opened at SES, Hubbard was hired, fulfilling her hopes and dreams.

“What I believe in about SCSD2 is that they have a curriculum and staff that create a wonderful learning experience for those enrolled. The curriculum they implement challenges students so that they grow academically, assists struggling students, and allows for differentiation of instruction,” Hubbard said. “The staff work together to provide the best learning environment for our students by making our schools safe, engaging, and character building. The staff works tirelessly to make sure our students are getting the best education they can. I often see teachers working well past school hours to ensure their lessons are engaging, differentiated, and evoke higher-level thinking. I am proud to be a teacher of SCSD2.”

The way Hubbard models and inspires her students toward lifelong learning is part of the excellence that is Scott 2 schools. At Scott County School District 2, Hubbard’s story is our story. Your story matters. You matter.