Your child's safety is a top priority at Scott 2

Your child’s safety is a top priority at Scott 2

Leaving your kindergarten-age child behind for the first time — or even every day — at school can be scary for some parents and guardians.

At Scott County School District 2, administrators, teachers, and the school board continuously work to provide a very safe learning environment for your child during the school day. Administrators regularly meet with local and state law enforcement to continually prepare and plan for safety issues on campus. Teachers and principals have undergone training with local and state police officers to be sure what to do in the event of an emergency.

“Our district has taken great measures to provide a very safe learning environment for our students school-wide,” said Lindsey DePriest, a kindergarten teacher at Lexington Elementary School.

“Everyone in the building has radios that we are in constant communication on. All doors remained locked during the day; there are multiple cameras inside and outside of our school,” said LaKynn McDonald, a kindergarten teacher at Scottsburg Elementary School. “We have a safety committee that meets frequently to make sure SES is safe as possible. All classroom doors remained locked all day and students and staff are all prepared in the event of an emergency.”

Scott 2 schools only have one entrance for parents, guardians, and members of the public to enter during the school day. During the school day, the doors of the school are locked and the front office staff has to electronically open the doors for visitors to enter.

“All of the buildings in SCSD2 have all been updated to try to make the buildings as safe as possible,” McDonald said. “We recently put in a new office and entrance into SES to assure safety. All buildings have the Raptor System in place where everyone has to have their ID scanned and approved before being allowed in the building.”

Also, everyone who enters the school has to go through the Raptor System, which scans state-issued identification and driver’s licenses. The system will detect if a visitor has a criminal background as a sexual predator. Scott 2 officials are also able to create lists in Raptor that helps them identify those with a criminal background, restraining orders, custody issues, suspended or expelled students, known gang members, or for any custom alert the school has created.

“Our world is a scary place, but I can’t think of a safer place than Vienna-Finley Elementary School,” said Brittany Banister, a kindergarten teacher at VFES. “Not only do we provide a very safe learning environment, but our staff is also highly trained in school safety.”

Along with the training, equipment, and other safety measures, kindergarten students also are carefully monitored by staff members and a registered nurse is available to care for ill or injured students. A school counselor is also at the schools to help with any emotional needs students might need to be addressed.

“To speak more specifically to kindergarten students, [they] are rarely without adult supervision — exceptions being walking to the bathroom or nurse. At the end of the day, at Lexington, students are placed in the pick-up line or on the bus by their teacher. We take great care and precaution to ensure their safety every day,” DePriest said.

“Kindergarteners are surrounded by caring teachers and staff. There is a nurse available for any emergencies and a counselor is also available to speak with students is needed. All entrances to the building are locked during school hours and all visitors must be ‘buzzed in’ and cleared by office personnel,” said Robin Burns, a kindergarten teacher at Johnson Elementary School. “Procedures are in place and practiced often to provide a safe learning environment for the safety of all students during an emergency.”

At Scott County School District 2, we want to help you through the process — from answering all your questions, to how to go through the registration process, to all the questions along the way during the first year of kindergarten.

For more information on registering your child at Scott 2, visit our Kindergarten Registration page.