Kindergarten helps children learn social skills

Kindergarten helps children learn social skills

Whether it is your first child or you have been through it before — sending your child to kindergarten can be overwhelming. As a parent or guardian, you want the best for your child. You want to make the best, most informed decisions for your child, so they can successful.

“Kindergarten is a very magical experience,” said Brittany Banister, a kindergarten teacher at Vienna-Finley Elementary School. “My kindergarten classroom is much like a family. Having a strong foundation of a wonderful kindergarten experience really sets the stage for having a love of learning and coming to school.”

The foundation that kindergarten covers the child holistically — from socialization to character building to the building blocks of language, math, science, social studies, and the arts. And, the earlier you start your child’s education, the better.

“There are many benefits of sending your child to kindergarten,” said LaKynn McDonald, a kindergarten teacher at Scottsburg Elementary School. “In addition to a rigorous, challenging, and fun curriculum, where students will learn the basic skills that set the groundwork for their school careers, students will gain essential social skills that will greatly benefit them as they go through childhood.”

While the academics are important, socialization and learning social norms are also critical to a child’s success in life. In kindergarten, students learn those techniques and methods of dealing with those soft skills — communication, emotional intelligence, social cues, managing people, leadership, and how they fit in the world.

“The kindergarten classroom allows for students to collaborate and learn from the peers. They learn to take turns speaking and to share supplies,” said Robin Burns, a kindergarten teacher at Johnson Elementary School. “Recess allows students to learn how to share and play with others their age. It also provides the opportunity for students to become problem solvers by presenting opportunities for them to resolve conflicts on their own.”

By starting kindergarten — a safe environment with caring adults — children can learn self-confidence, overcome shyness, and help them transition into lasting friendships. The sooner a child starts kindergarten, the better their social development becomes and the easier it is for them to form skills they will use through adulthood.

“Students are engaged throughout their entire day with activities that help students with positive social interaction. In the classroom, students work in small group settings, such as learning stations, where they learn to collaborate and take turns with their peers,” McDonald said. “Students also work in a whole group setting, where they learn speaking and listening skills that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. Recess is another important place where students learn the ins and outs of social interactions. They learn to resolve conflicts with others, play well with others, and how to be a good friend.”

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