Evaluation Process

An initial evaluation is an evaluation for a student not previously identified under Special Education. An evaluation can be initiated by either a parent or a school. Article 7 identifies thirteen areas of eligibility, each with specific criteria used to determine eligibility. The areas of eligibility outlined are: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Blind or Low Vision, Cognitive Disability, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, Developmental Delay (early childhood), Emotional Disability, Language and Speech Impairment, Multiple Disabilities, Other Health Impairment, Orthopedic Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, and Traumatic Brain Injury. The following procedures outline the necessary steps to process the referral and complete the evaluation:

Through child find procedures, any child within Scott County School District 2 area whose parents have developmental concerns or who have been referred to SCSD2 by an outside agency, are given an opportunity to be evaluated by our special education staff. If eligible, those students will be given the opportunity to attend our inclusive developmental preschool with supported services and assistance. Each child will be given a chance to flourish in the preschool environment before going to kindergarten.

SCSD2 Early Childhood Services also provide stand alone speech and/or language services. These services are provided in a different location than the preschool classroom, such as OVO Headstart, one of the SCSD2 elementary schools, or at the Special Education Office. If the child is found eligible for speech and/or language services based on the evaluation, the SLP and parent will mutually agree upon one of the three service site options for the child to receive services.

When my child qualifies

  • Eligibility area is determined

  • IEP is developed (see Development of the IEP)

  • Start date is agreed upon

  • Enrollment paperwork is provided (See Enrollment Process section)

  • If needed, transportation is set up

When my child does not qualify

  • Notice of Ineligibility is created

  • Resources are given to the parents to help support the child at home

  • If needed, information is given to help seek outside evaluation for related services

  • Discuss with the parent if the child does not show age appropriate progress that a new initial referral for evaluation can be conducted in six (6) months to a year.

Development of the IEP: The CCC, including the parent/s, will discuss assessment results for the student, and his/her individual needs. The CCC will develop goals based on those needs and the student’s present levels, address accommodations, determine the LRE for the student, and provide information on provisions for services.  If parents agree to the IEP services proposed at the CCC meeting, their signature will need to be obtained before services are implemented.