Vienna-Finley provided more than education for Powers

Vienna-Finley provided more than education for Powers
Posted on 11/17/2016

At Vienna-Finley Elementary School, a third-grade student, Jeramy Powers, was mesmerized when he saw her at an ice cream party. The girl’s second-grade class won an ice cream party, and Powers was a member of the student council, who was helping serve the cold treat to the students.

“I was excited to go to her class,” Powers said.

Powers said he told the girl, Tristen, she was “cute.” Instead of swooning, Tristen reacted as many second-grade girls respond to boys at this age — she pushed him.

“I told her she was cute, then she pushed me down,” Powers said with a laugh.

The two remained friends, but things soon changed when Tristen was in fifth-grade. She and her family moved to another school in Oldham County, Ky., Powers said. He was sad, but he never forgot her.

As the years passed by, Powers attended Scottsburg High School. He was a member of the Band of Warriors, playing trumpet and the baritone.

“I was a big band geek in high school,” Powers said.

He also found a love of science while at SHS.

“A lot of things started clicking. I had Mrs. Lizenby in high school,” Powers said, crediting Lizenby as one of the teachers who helped him discover the wonder of science. “I liked science. It’s something I’ve always been good at and enjoyed. I wanted to share that passion with other people.”

After graduating from SHS, Powers attended Indiana University Southeast to become a high school science teacher. It was during this time, Powers found a new hobby — photography.

“I like it. It’s equal parts artsy and science,” Powers said.

His hobby turned into a job, allowing him to work while he attended college. He took photographs of weddings, family portraits, senior pictures, and holiday snapshots.

“My mom bought me a camera for Christmas,” Powers said about getting started. 

Amid photography and studying to become a future educator, Powers was scrolling through Facebook one day and saw her — the girl he never forgot. He found out she liked science and wanted to be a nurse. He, too, loved science and wanted to share his passion for the field with future generations of students.

“We found each other on Facebook,” Powers said with a twinkle in his eye. “I thought she was cute back then.”

The two rekindled their friendship. Then, the friendship turned romantic, and the two were engaged after a year of dating. They married in 2014.

Nearly one year after being married, the couple found out they were expecting their first child. Thinking back on how they came to this point, they decided on the perfect name for their infant daughter:  Finley. Their daughter was named after the place where they began their journey together at VFES.

About six months after Finley’s birth, Powers received an email from Lizenby, his former high school teacher. The email was about an open position in the science department at SHS. He applied for the position, was ultimately hired, and left his teaching position at East Washington School Corp.

“Science just makes sense to me. It’s universal,” Powers said. “I always wanted to come back here. It was my end goal.”

At Scott County School District 2, Powers’ story is our story. Your story matters. You matter.