Choose Scott 2

Choose Scott 2

One of the most important choices a parent or guardian can make is choosing the best education for their child. And, at Scott County School District 2, what matters to you, matters to us.

Scott County School District 2 features smaller class sizes; opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group work, physical competition, diversity, and a sense of community; a tech-rich environment where all students have access to Apple devices; enrichment and extracurricular activities in sports, arts, sciences, technology, engineering, philanthropic, and other academics; and top-notch academics where students have the option to earn more than 100 college credits that transfer to any public Indiana college upon graduation from high school.

It is not only the students living in Scott County School District 2 that can take advantage of all Scott 2 has to offer — any student residing in Indiana can freely choose to come to Scott 2. Through open enrollment and school-choice laws in Indiana, parents and guardians can choose the best education Southern Indiana has to offer at Scott 2. 

Transportation solutions are available at Scott County School District 2 with established bus routes picking up students living in Henryville, Crothersville, and Austin. Other options are available to families living on the borders of Scott 2 in Scott, Jefferson, Clark, Washington, Jennings, and Jackson counties. Call today at (812) 752-8999 for more information.

With a 2016 National Blue Ribbon Award winning elementary school, five back-to-back state academic team titles in multiple disciplines, and other top-rated schools, Scott County School District 2 is one of the premier school systems in Southern Indiana that parents and guardians can feel confident in choosing to provide their child the best education the region has to offer. At Scott County School District 2, what matters to you, matters to us.