Wednesday Signup

Please submit a form for the child(ren) you wish to "sign-up" to be supervised at the school in advance of each week. 

A separate form will be made available for EACH Wednesday eLearning day. Please submit each week's form ONLY if your child(ren) will come to the school building.

November 11  Sign-up Form for Nov. 11 Available HERE (Submit by 11/9)

November 18   Sign-up Form for Nov. 18 Available HERE (Submit by 11/16)

December 2  Sign-up Form for Dec. 2 Available HERE (Submit by 11/30)

December 9  Sign-up Form for Dec. 9 Available HERE (Submit by 12/7)

December 16  Sign-up Form for Dec. 16 Available HERE (Submit by 12/14)

More information regarding Wednesday eLearning Days:

On each Wednesday listed above, Lexington Elementary, Scottsburg Elementary, Scottsburg Middle, and Scottsburg High will operate an e-Learning/online day for ALL students.  Johnson Elementary and Vienna-Finley Elementary students will operate a regular school with students in attendance and in class with their teachers.
No decisions have been made for changes to the school calendar beyond December.
We are well aware that any alteration to a school calendar does not come without challenges and we do not take these changes lightly.  This decision was made after much deliberation on how we can better serve ALL students in Scott 2.  Additionally, as evidenced by various changes at the individual buildings, the immediate needs of each building were taken into consideration as the plan was drafted.

We also know that by moving four of our buildings to e-learning/online schooling on Wednesdays, that might challenge some of our families with childcare needs for those parents/guardians who work.  We recognize this and as a result of that, we will continue to  have LES, SES, SMS, and SHS open for those students during normal school hours.
In addition, we will take the extra step of running our normal bus routes for those families who need to send their student(s) to school but are unable to bring them based on their work hours not aligning with the normal building opening times.
It is important to note that at LES, SES, SMS, and SHS, this is not a typical day for any student who comes to the building as they will not be attending class(es) with their teacher(s).  They will be in a supervised study hall type of environment and will receive help and support from support staff as needed.  They will be fed school meals and if possible at the elementary level we will attempt to have some physical exercise. 
Please note that we still have to follow the same guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 on these online/e-learning Wednesdays for those students who still need to attend the school buildings that day.  Thus, we will still be working with static groups, social distancing and face coverings if we cannot achieve social distancing. 

Please be attentive to the "sign-up link” if your child will be coming to school on Wednesdays.  It is critical information so that our administrative team can properly plan for the number of students attending, the COVID regulations, school meals, etc. By being able to properly plan, we hope to efficiently serve each student.