Documents for Behavioral Referral

Students who have an emotional disability and are not able to be successful in the general education setting and/or resource program despite all of the supports and services provided may be appropriate for the ED program.  This program is unique in that it services students with a wide range of needs and ages. The program is focused on academics, but also the behavioral concerns.  Some student receive instruction in the general education classroom, some in the ED classroom, and some students are a combination of the two depending on the individual student’s level of need.

In order to qualify for the Emotional Disabilities program an educational evaluation must be completed. 

We have provided documentation for parents as well as teachers for a referral for Emotional Disability. 

All documentation must be filled out completely before being considered for referral for Emotional Disability.  

Consultation with the Behavioral Consultant will need to be noted prior to referral also. 

Referral Process 1. FBA
2. BIP 3. Referral 4. Evaluation
5. IEP