Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

After the evaluation is completed and the student is found eligible, the enrollment process will begin. All registration and documentation will need to be completed and turned in prior to the child start date and attendance at Johnson Elementary School. The following documentation is required along with online registration:


  • Official Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Social Security Card

  • Shot Record

  • Any past outside evaluations conducted by an outside agency

  • Any medical information (including diagnoses, medications, allergies, or any other instructions for medical care while enrolled at school)


Students who will be entering the Preschool Program as a non-disabled peer will need to attend the Pre-enrollment date in the spring to secure a spot in the Preschool. Children who are 3 and have not been evaluated and found eligible for special education services are not eligible to be enrolled into JES preschool program. Children who are 4 years old must meet the following criteria to be eligible to enroll in the preschool program:

  • Must be 4 by August 1 of the upcoming school year

  • Must live in the area zoned for JES and/or plan on attending JES for Kindergarten (Office of Special Education can provide you with the zoned lines)

  • Children who turn 5 years old after August 1st of the current school year and are not eligible for Kindergarten until the next school year.

Turning 3:

Only students that have been evaluated by the Case Conference Committee, and have been found eligible for preschool services will be admitted into the Preschool at age three (3).  These students are eligible to begin on the day of their third birthday or on the date that is agreed upon by the Case Conference Committee during the initial conference.  

Typical Peers:

Students that do not qualify for services, and wish to attend the SCSD2 Preschool will need to attend the Preschool Pre-Enrollment date the spring prior to the upcoming school year.  Students that do not enroll at this time will not have a guaranteed spot.  Those students will be placed on a waiting list, and will be selected for enrollment when an available slot opens.  Students will be selected based on the criteria as mentioned in the Pre-Enrollment section above.