Referrals from First Steps

Students transitioning from Part C (First Steps) to Part B (School Services):

  • Once the SCSD2 Office of Special Education is notified of a 30 month referral from the First Steps Service Coordinator, the filing and notification process will begin.

  • A file will be created, an Initial Contact Letter will be sent out to the parent, and the referral will be placed on the referral log for that school year.

  • If parents do not respond within one month of the Initial Contact Letter, another letter will be sent. If no response within one month of the second Initial Contact Letter, a phone call will be placed and a third letter will be sent out. If no response within one month, an email notifying the First Steps Coordinator will be sent asking for assistance in obtaining contact with the parents.

    • After the third attempt to contact parents without a response, the file will be closed. If the parents wish to pursue an evaluation, their request will be taken as a Parent Referral and on a 50 day timeline.

  • Once contact is made with the parents, an Intake Meeting will be set up with the Preschool Referral Coordinator to complete, process the paperwork, and consent for the Arena.

  • The initial evaluation must be completed, CCC convened, and services made available by the child’s third birthday. The 50 school day timeline does not apply, and it is possible that a situation arises where the timeline could be less than 50 days for the initial evaluation to be completed and the CCC convened.

  • All attempts to contact and obtain the parent’s consent will be documented in the child’s file and the Preschool Referral Log.

  • If the parent does not return the signed consent for initial evaluation with a reasonable period of time, the Preschool Referral Coordinator must make a good faith effort to contact the parent to obtain consent including phone calls, emails, written correspondence.

  • As soon as the parent consent is obtained, the file will go to the Preschool Teacher. The Preschool Teacher will then schedule the Arena and Initial CCC meeting. They will notify the Arena members the dates of the testing and CCC meeting. The Preschool Teacher should schedule the CCC meeting enough in advance so that:

    • the required Notice of Initial Findings and Proposed Action can be sent to and received by the parents at least 5 school days prior to the CCC,

    • If requested, the evaluation report can be provided to the parent at least 5 school days prior to the CCC meeting, and

    • If requested, a meeting with the parent to review the evaluation results can be conducted at least 5 school days prior to the CCC meeting.

  • All other procedures and Notices should be completed consistent with the procedure for Initial evaluations and with the 3rd birthday deadline.