Students Transitioning from PK to KG with an IEP

Student who are Kindergarten eligible for the upcoming school year:

  • Students who will turn 5 years of age on or before August 1st who are transitioning to Kindergarten,  will be referred for an evaluation and be evaluated by the school psychologist or SLP, depending on the disability area chosen, who serves SCSD2 by the end of their Preschool school year..

  • The Preschool Referral Coordinator and Teacher should follow the Reevaluation procedures described below:

    • Hold an Annual/Revise without a meeting IEP  to order a re evaluation.

    • Email the Preschool Referral Coordinator notifying of the IEP change and what the student will be re evaluated for

    • Find the student within the IIEP system

    • Complete the Parent Information and Communication sections

    • Begin gathering and inputting information into the Pre-Conference Planning section of IIEP.

      • Type of Evaluation (Note: Move-in option is only for move-in students with a referral generated by the sending school that has not yet been completed.)

      • Enter Existing Data

    • Documents the date of the referral request and the referral source (Parent/Legal Guardian or School/Public Agency) in IIEP (Pre-Conference Planning>Referral Decision)

    • Determine whether the school will complete/refuse to conduct the evaluation (Pre-Conference Planning>Referral Decision)

Note: It is SCSD2’s preference to try to talk with the parent/s about the reasons an evaluation may not be appropriate at the present time in attempt to help them understand the basis for this decision and reduce the need to formally refuse an evaluation. If parents disagree, please consult with the Director and/or School Psychologist.

  • Create a final notice and send the Notice of ReEvaluation or Notice of Evaluation Refusal, the Social Developmental History Form, any other needed forms, and the Notice of Procedural Safeguards to the parent/s so they receive it within 10 school days of the date the evaluation was requested. Last, document the date the Notice was sent in IIEP.

  • All involved should also document any further contact with the parent/s regarding the evaluation in IIEP (Communications tab or Evaluation>Parent Consent Contacts).

  • If applicable, upload any existing report(s), such as outside evaluations, to IIEP.

  • After parent consent is obtained the file will go to the school psychologist for evaluation.

  • Once the evaluation is completed, if the student may qualify for services an IEP will be created.